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Program Fees and Costs

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At IO New York we will do everything possible to make sure you will get an amazing internship or traineeship position. Normally, it takes between 60 and 90 days to land an internship in New York City. This includes the time for scheduling interviews and receiving the internship confirmation from the internship company. Depending on your wishes, we can organize this is a shorter time-frame.

What are the program fees?

Internship 1-6 months - 750 Euro

Internship 7-12 months - 980 Euro

Traineeship 3-12 months - 1320 Euro

* The additional costs for a paid internship are €300,-
* These prices are excluding the costs for the J-1 exchange visa, accommodation and your flight ticket.
* Paid internships normally have a stipend between $200 and $750 dollars per month. Internship with a payment less than $200,- we be considered as unpaid. Students also might be compensated with accommodation by their hosting company.
* Traineeship are generally paid between 1.200 en 2.500 Dollars per month.

Costs of J1 Visa

Please note: the pricing for the J1 Visa differs per internship agency in the Netherlands. Some organizations charge between 1100 and 1300 Euro for the J1 Visa / DS-2019 form / Sponsorship. This can be purchased for $795,-. This is a difference between 360 and 660 Euro's in mediation fees (depending on the Exchange rate). Feel free to contact us for more information.

De costs for the J1 Visa are listed on this page.

Costs of living in New York City

Single room outside Manhattan from 700,- Euro (depending on neighbourhood)
Single room in Manhattan with half board in studenthotel ($1300) (Females only)
Single room in studenthotel in- our outside of Manhattan (1000 - $1200)
Public transportation $75 - $150 per month
With this website you can company costs of living with different cities around the world. This way you can calculate your expected costs of living in New York City.

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