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Internship in New York City for International Students

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stage Amerika IO New York is the number one agency that organizes quality internships and traineeships in New York City for international students. Landing an internship in New York City is a difficult and time consuming task. Therefore, IO New York consists of a Dutch-American team, which works non-stop on organizing qualitative internships. Our American representatives know exactly how to get in contact with the companies you want to intern at, in order for you to receive the internship of your dreams!

stage Amerika Partly due to our American employees, we have outstanding contacts with various companies and trading organizations in the United States of America - including the Dutch American Chamber of Commerce. This means IO New York has build a very strong network of partnering companies in and around New York City, that offer quality internships. We make sure that your internship meet the given requirements from your university.

Paid internships often offer a stipend between $250 and $650. The level of stipend varies with each internship and line of work. Please note that internships in fashion and marketing/PR companies are generally unpaid.
Are you looking for an internship as part of your graduation (final internships) in New York City? IO New York has already organized many final internships for our students. As a graduate student, you will do research on a certain topic, chosen in consultation with the internship company.
To be able to conduct an internship in the U.S., you are obliged to apply for a J1 Visa. Applying for the J1 Visa takes up to six to eight weeks on average. However, it must be noted there is a chance this might take longer, depending on various factors. To smoothen this process, we employ several American J1 Visa Specialists, At who previously worked for major sponsor organizations in the United States. For this reason, we can handle all J1 Visa applications successfully and guarantee the application process runs smoothly.
* Please note that the pricing for the J1 Visa differs per agency. Please see our prices and compare them.
We are connected to several landlords and accommodation residences in and around New York City. Therefore, we can ease the process of finding a residence during the internship. On top of that, at some residences our students get a discounted rate
Public Transportation is very well organized in New York City. The Metro runs 24/7 througout New York. Many students enjoy going to Times Square at midnight. At IO New York we advice you to buy a monthly (unlimited) metro card for 120 USD. You can also purchase a 7-day card for 30 USD (for when your family is visiting). If you want to get picked up from the airport you can get a UBER or shuttle bus for 25 or 50 USD.
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