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IO New York - IO Abroad

IO is an abbreviation for International Office. Established in 2013, IO Abroad became one of the most successful internship agencies in Europe. The reason for our exponential growth is that we use our time and expertise for every student, that apply with us. This way, we can provide them a custommade experience, that matches their expectations and needs perfectly. Our team is dedicated to offer our students a life-changing experience, and most of all, to give them a global perspective of the most competitive companies in the world and the way they operate.
Our business model allows us to grow faster than any other internship agency around. After Cape Town, the IO brand became, together with IO New York, the number one placement agency for international students who wish to conduct their internship in New York City. Now, IO Abroad, offers "paid" internships and traineeships in all major cities in the United States. Soon, we will start offering our programs in several major cities in Europe, as well.
Internship New York City
Sora, Arnhem Business School - Communication Management:
"IO New York was always available for me, both via email as via phone. They were very friendly and gave me a good overview on the current status of my visa application and the tasks I had to complete.”

Under the IO Abroad umbrella are:
IO Cape Town – Internships & volunteering programs in Cape Town.
IO New York – Internships & Traineeships in New York City.
IO USA – Internships & Traineeships in Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

The IO Abroad Team

Lennart Willem

Program Manager IO New York & IO USA
Utrecht, Nederland

Head of Recruitment and Applications
Utrecht & New York Office


Partner Recruitment Specialist
New York Office

Director incoming students IO Cape Town
Cape Town Office


Internship Coordinator
Cape Town Office

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