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With the Inhouse Visa Support IO New York makes sure that your Visa application will run as smoothly as possible. From all partnering internship agencies in Europa from the Sponsor Organizations we work with, IO New York together with IO USA had the higest passing rating of Visa applications in 2016. This is because the J1 Visa coordinators at IO New York previously worked years for major Sponsor Organizations in the US. Therefore IO New York has the expertise to make sure your J1 Visa Application runs as smoothly as possible and all the Visa Applications through IO New York will be handled with care.

stage ervaringen amerika
Gijs, Traineeship ABN Amro - IO New York heeft me vorige zomer geholpen met mijn J1 visa voor een stage in New York. Vooral de persoonlijke aanpak en flexibiliteit waren enorm waardevol. Lennart wist bij iedere stap precies wat er moest gebeuren en gaf ook begeleiding bij het proces waar dit nodig was. Ik ben erg tevreden over de gang van zaken en kan IO New York aan iedereen aanbevelen.
Gijs, 2016.. "

With the J1 Visa Support from IO New York students can request the required DS 2019 form against affordable prices. We offer two different packages for students to choose from; the free information booklet or the J1 Visa Support.

Our information booklet explains how to apply for the J1 Visa and how the application process. From the first step of choosing a Sponsor, collecting all the required application materials to scheduling your appointment with the US Embassy / Consulate to apply for your Visa and paying your SEVIS Fees.

If you apply for the J1 Visa, IO New York will guide you througout your J1 Visa application. During the applicatin proces IO New York will be the main point of contact for you, your internship company and your Sponsor Organizatin in the US.
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